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I don’t know if you noticed my absence, but I’m really busy working on my final paper and stuff. I’ll be back soon as possible.

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"Math is the dialect of the universe"…. What does that even mean? There are things we observe in the universe and sometimes we don’t always understand them. Thats why we invented math. Math is the manual of the universe. A guide to help us understand why things happen the way they do. The universe threw countless mysteries at us and we honed those mysteries using numbers. Numbers interpret the way the universe works and translates it so that we can understand the universe. It is the “google translate” of everything. We didn’t give quantitive values to things that were qualitative. The universe did. We, however, deciphered the code that the universe had set forth and did it without every using a single word. Math is to real life as binary is to computers. It’s the encryption of how things should happen, and it follows that code down to the letter. Thats because the universe IS math. Math teaches us to learn the ways of everything. There is so much underlying wisdom in math. So much latent potential in math. 

Math is… underrated. From now on, rather than trying to memorize x and y or the quadratic equation, learn that x and y are values that are susceptible to change and that the quadratic equation represents a pattern that YOU can use to your advantage. Math is a tool more valuable than any other. Learn to use it


this gif is great

Okay, it's on my dash constantly, so here's my view on this


Jennifer Lawrence, and her nudes.
My response to this is who the fuck cares. If you started drooling when you first heard “leaked nudes”, you need help. If you play the moralist and call people sexual predators for looking at them, you need to chill the fuck out.

The thing is, Jennifer Lawrence…